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Caciocavallo Podolico della Basilicata

Code: VAL-25222

Raw material:

A Slow Food Presidia, produced with raw cow milk, 100% from Podolica breed

Shape & Texture:

The colour of the rind is golden to straw yellow while the rind is smooth and thin; the colour of the paste is straw yellow with few cracks, signs of the stretching curd techniques

Tasting note:

Extremely aromatic with vegetal cues of mountain herbs and flowers. Basically sweet, it has a very high solubility with persistent nutty and spicy hints.

How to enjoy:

When the cheese is well aged, simply serve dressed with olive oil. It is great alongside Aglianico del Volture di Paternoster or Moscato di Saracena.


Podolica breed comes from Podolia, an Ukraine region. It was introduced in Italy with the barbarian invasions. In the ancient times the race was well distributed in Italy. Now it is the opposite because it produces a low quantity of milk (however of high quality) and is considered as a difficult race to breed: it cannot be farmed in extensive stables, since it needs to pasture freely. t produces 1,700 lts of milk for every cycle, about 5-10 lts per day. The milk is rich of fat and proteins, really good for cheese production. Due to the pastures rich in wild herbs the cheeses produced by the milk of this race are complex in flavour and rich in aroma.






Long-matured (more than 6 months), Very long-matured (more than 1 year)

Slow Food Presidia


2,5 kg