Cheese Room

Pecorino Pastore Central Stagionato

Code: CHE-1809301

Raw material: Hard cheese made from row milk obtained from Sarda sheep race.

Shape & Texture: The shape is cylindrical shape with dimensions in app of 20 cm in diameter and 11/12 cm height. The rind is red to dark brown due to the light smoking, and treatment with olive oil. The paste is compact, hard and crumbly and its colour is straw

Taste: The taste is long, spicy and full to the palate; the aftertaste is long, spicy, delicately smoked with strong hints of herbs and nature

Curiosity: The name seems to derive either from an ancient custom to curdle the cheese with thistle flower or from the fact that in the forming of the cheese they used wooden molds on which the bottom was patterned with a flower

Region: Sardinia, Italy

Ageing: Long-matured (more than 6 months)

Weight: ~3 kg