Giansanti Di Muzio



In the estate of Castelluccia from family Gaiansanti Di Muzio we cultivate our land with passion and dedication, combining innovation and tradition. The Castelluccia is one of the historic estates of the Agro-Romano, known since the fifteenth century. With over 350 hectares sown to cereals (mainly wheat), it is one of the largest private green areas of Rome. We produce Durum Wheat following natural cycle while respecting the environment and bio-diversity. From the entire harvest will select a small part and only the best grain, the one growing in the most sunny drenched hills we brought to the mill for a typical craftsmanship process. The drawing of our pasta pass true our custom bronze shape to slow drying at low temperatures, which can last up to 3 days at temperatures between -45 and -50 degrees to not allow aleration of naturali fermentation processes. From our certified Durum Wheat of Rome you get high quality pasta in the formats of the tradition of Rome.

Bucatini Grano di Roma

Schiaffoni Grano di Roma

Bombolotti Grano di Roma

Cannolicchi Grano di Roma

Spaghetti Grano di Roma