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Señorío de Olivenza

Iberico Ham Cebo

Ref: IBE-05

Weight: 9 kg

Aged: 36 months


Fed only with grain


Señorio de Olivenza products are made from a careful selection of cured Iberian pigs and a slow, quiet, to give life to a dish, with a texture, taste and unique aroma. The quality of the products is what really matters and this is based on three aspects: 1) Selection of Iberian pigs in the pasture free 2) Salting without additives 3) Curing. In 1990 comes the Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura whose main difference with other denominations of origin is that it can only be made out of animals from pastures of Extremadura, as is the case of Señorio de Olivenza, where you select the best animals.