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Podere Bioamiata

Organic Cinta Senese Pancetta

Ref: CSELL10

Weight: 500 g

Packaging: vacuum packed

Description: pieces of bacon (pre-cut)

Shelf life: 4 months from packaging date

Ingredients: pork, salt, garlic in powder, black ground pepper.

Seasoning: min. 40 days

Conserve at +2°C - +4°C


The Pancetta Cinta Senese Bio


The Pancetta Cinta Bio represents the section of meat of the thorax and the stomach with the pig skin. The pieces are cut and massaged with salt and garlic and salted down for about 15 days; than cleaned and flavoured with black paper and put into store room for the seasoning. The product is in pieces of approximately 3kg with a thickness of about 4cm. Because of the wild breeding of the swine it is very difficult to obtain a lot of fat. Pancetta Cinta Bio that is very fatty is there for highly appreciated and has only one or two stripes of red meat. When sliced the white fat turns pink.