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Ribolla Gialla Brut Sparkling IGP

Grapes: Ribolla Gialla 100%
Origin: Oleis di Manzano, owned vineyards
Terrain type: Eocene marl
Altitude: 120 – 170 m s.l.m.
Growing method: Guyot and Sylvoz
Facility density: 4.200 vine stumps per hectare
Grape yield: approx. 65 quintals per hectare 
Alcohol proof: 12.5% 
Vintage on sale: N.V.

Ribolla Gialla is the most typical grape grown in the hills surrounding the Rosazzo Abbey; they are used to produce a prized sparkling wine known for its lovely freshness. Its sparkling process emphasizes the pleasant typically citrine flavors of this grape, exalting the wine’s drinkability.

After being softly squeezed, alcoholic fermentation and partial malolactic fermentation occurs in steel tanks. The wine is placed in autoclaves where it undergoes the sparkling wine production process which lasts for 12 months. Frequent battonage allows producers to obtain ‘creamy’ sparkling wine with fine perlage.


This faded straw-colored wine has light greenish reflections. To the nose, it reveals delicate scents including citrus hints of limoncella apple and the smell of bread crust. The palate will immediately perceive its pleasant freshness that gives off flavors of fresh fruit, later offering a light leavened aftertaste. Its finish is long and persistent.

A splendid aperitif thanks to its pleasant acidity, it can be served throughout the entire meal. Great when matched with fish dishes and delicate fried foods.

Region Friuli Venezia Giulia

Grapes Used: Ribolla Gialla 100%