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Fresh Vegetable

San Marzano Green

Ref: TOM-06

Italian name: Pomodoro San Marzano verde

Weight order: 5-6 kg

Description: They're named for their origin. Certified San Marzano tomatoes are grown in Campania, a region of southern Italy just above the toe of the boot, called Sarnese Agro-Nocerino (Valle del Sarno or valley of the Sarno). Those grown and processed in the valley of Sarno in compliance with Italian law are stamped with “D.O.P.” emblem on the can label.

Season: from May to September

Serving suggestion: They’re also particularly suitable for preparing peeled tomatoes, canned tomatoes, dried tomatoes, or tomato purée. In fact, skin comes off so easily from San Marzanos that they’re sometimes called, “The King of Peeled.”