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Fresh Vegetable


Ref: SHA-01

Italian name: Scalogno

Weight order: 3-4 kg

Description: One of the smallest varieties of the onion family, this vegetable has a pear-shaped bulb that separates into 2 or 3 bulblets (or cloves). The Shallot has a purplish white flesh that provides a mild flavor, which is often considered to taste like a combination of a sweet onion with a garlic overtone.

Season: from April to July and from September to February

Serving suggestion: Since the mild flavor will not overpower other ingredients, the Shallot is commonly used to flavor meats, stews, soups, and sauces. When used raw for salads and vinaigrettes, it provides a subtle yet distinct flavor with only a slight amount of heat, not equaled by an onion. In comparison, an onion's presence is more noticeable and requires a greater amount of cooking time to mellow the intensity of the flavor.