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Vinsanto del Chianti DOC



Production Area: municipality ofMontepulciano (Si). Yield per hectare: 20 quintals Yin Santo. Vines: Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia. Vineyard altitude: 300/350 metres above sea level. Planting system: guyot and spurred cordon. Plant density: 2,500/3,500 vines per hectare Vinification: the grapes are left to wither and raisin on rush matting for 3 months, and then soft pressed. The resulting must is stored in 30, 70 and 100 litre oak barrels for fermentation, maturing and ageing. Ageing period: minimum 5 years in wood. Characteristics of the wine:

Colour - Amber yellow with bright orange shades. Bouquet - a series of strong and decisive sensations conferred by the caramel notes, accompanied with sensations of dried, candied fruit, tempting us to taste it, to discover a finale where splendid honey sensations dominate.

Flavour - we rediscover the same clean, decisive sensations already noticed in the aroma. The principal characteristic of our Yin Santo is its wonderful balance between acidity, tannin, and its sugary component. Food Pairing- classic Tuscan "cantucci" biscuits, but also recommended with bitter chocolate. Serving temperature - recommended serving temperature is 12°-14° C.

Format - 0.500 1

Grapes Used: Trebbiano 50%

Malvasia 50%