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Cinta Senese is a valuable breed of swine, whose name comes from the typical white band  crossing  the  black  shiny  mantle  of each animal. The strong and quick limbs, a sharp sense of smell, the capability to be grazing, are the characteristics  that  allow this  species to  grow  wild. Its presence is documented  by  a  great  deal of  texts  as well as paintings and frescoes of Sienese School. We can admire, among many examples, a specimen of "Cinta Senese" depicted by Lorenzetti in his "Effetti  del Buongoverno" inside the Town Palace of Siena.

Our farm is the widest biological breeding of "Cinta Senese" in Italy and it extends on 240 ht of woods and pastures betwen 700 mt of altitude. Our main care embrace the revaluation and the protection of this species, even with the continous scientific advistance of City Universities like Firenze and Perugia.However, our main support for the whole productive cycle is nature, the only "added ingredient" fit to exalt the tast of our products.

Organic Cinta Senese Ham w/bone minimum 18 months

Organic Cinta Senese Pancetta

Organic Cinta Senese Lard

Organic Cinta Senese Bastardo Salami

Organic Cinta Senese Culatello

Organic Cinta Senese Seasoned Primeneck

Organic Cinta Senese Seasoned Loin

Organic Cinta Senese Seasoned Cheek

Organic Salsiccia di Cinta

Sopressata - Coppa di Testa di Cinta Senese