Central Formaggi



High-quality sheep’s and goat’s cheese, drawing on a longstanding artisan tradition and cutting-edge production technology. Tradition, research and innovation are the cornerstones on which Central has built its success to become one of Italy’s leading names in the dairy sector. Our range, which is sold not just here in Italy but in leading markets across Europe and worldwide, features top-quality products complemented by an array of speciality cheeses to cater to the most discerning, special preferences of our international consumers.

Pecorino Pastore Central

Pecorino Moliterno

Pecorino Moliternino

Pecorino Moliterno with Truffle

Pecorino Sardo Maturo DOP

Pecorino Romano DOP

Ricotta Pecorina Toscanella

Ricotta Montella stagionata

Rocca Ruya Caprino

Cacetto Sardo