Monograno Felicetti


The highest quality pasta, made with the world's most exceptional grains: Matt, KHORASAN Kamut, Farro and Cappelli. Our Master Pasta-Makers skillfully transform these prized grain varieties into art, full of emotion with a harmony of fragrances and flavors.

Once upon a time...
The adamantine, charming purity of spring water and the crystalline clearness of mountain air meet the golden ripe wheat; we work in a truly enchanted environment, yet it can be severe at times. This has inspired us to engage in a continuous dialogue with a nature that we sincerely love and respect, so that we could turn an arduous trail into a bright path. In the end, the summit rewards all the efforts.
A family dream, while holding a strand of spaghetti between his fingers, Valentino looks thoroughly satisfied. He is the living embodiment of our approach to pasta making. It all began with his original intuition, when he recognized the true potential of the area’s natural elements. Today, that small family-run workshop became a worldwide operating company. Still, the underlining values remained the same throughout four generations: passion, commitment, initiative.The origins of an extraordinary pasta Monograno the name in itself tells the story of this unique project. A single type of wheat, a single mill that grinds it into flour, a single goal: the pursuit of quality, which to us means producing food that is delicious, healthy and safe. We take the wheat from the field to your table with minimal processing, preserving its distinctive natural qualities. Matt, Kamut, Farro and Il Cappelli: these superior wheat are different shades on a broad palette of sensory experiences. Monograno means way more than just texture or flavor it is a journey of exploration.

Spaghetti Matt Organic

Penne Ritorte Matt Organic

Eliche Matt Organic

Pache Matt Organic

Penne Liscie Matt Organic

Conchiglioni Matt Organic

Tagliatelle Egg Matt Organic