In Italy, preparing food has never been a chore, but rather an art – refined over time, handed down from generation to generation, a defining part of daily life. That’s why Italian cuisine is a patchwork of countless regional recipes, all rich in taste but also simple to create. These dishes are based on a few wholesome ingredients and that’s why selecting the best quality ones is pivotal: that’s the only way to serve delicious creations embodying the Italian food tradition. And that is Robo’s mission – to meet the requirements of our customers in full, offering them traditional Italian food specialities and recipes.Robo has always focused on the quality of its products, guaranteed by the HACCP quality control system applied throughout the supply chain. We supervise directly harvesting in the open fields and we monitor the processing of produce to ensure it meets the strictest safety and hygiene standards.

Semi Dried Red Cherry Tomatoes

Semi Dried Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

Rustici Semi Dried Tomatoes

Dried Tomatoes

Trithotel Tomato Pulp Bag

Trithotel Diced Tomatoes

First Choice Peeled Tomatoes

Trithotel Tomato Pulp

Gran Rosso Double Tomato Concentrate

Anchovies Filets selection in Olive Oil from Cantabrian Sea

Anchovies Fillets in olive oil from the Cantabrian Sea

Anchovy Fillets in sunflower oil

Roman Artichokes

Grilled Artichockes with steam

Borettane Onions in IGP Modena Balsamic Vinegar

Grilled Peppers

Pitted Taggiasca Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pitted Riviera Olives in Extra VIrgin Olive Oil

Green Olives cream Armonia

Calabrian Black Olives cream Armonia with Fennel seeds

Black Truffle Cream Armonia

Lilliput salted Capers grade 7

Salted Mezzanella Capers grade 13

Pistachio Armonia

Ambrata Truffled Armonia

Caper Flower Buds

Lombardi Peppers

Lacrimella Capers in Vinegar - grade 9/10