The history of Verrigni is rich of passion, handicrafts, tradition and innovation. The history of a family able to hand on since 1898, from generation to generation, the love for its land "Roseto degli Abruzzi" and vocation to highest quality, with no compromises. Today Verrigni, with the elegant and decisive scents and flavours of Abruzzi, is synonymous of excellence all over Italy and not only.A fairytale that began in 1898 when the Verrigni family started to produce a type of pasta made with grains ground with grindstones and mixed with water from Grass Sasso and then dried outdoors, hung to bamboo canes. 

Linguine di Semola

Tubetti Rigati

Penne al Farro Integrale Organic

Spaghetti alla Chitarra



Mezzi Paccheri

Spaghetti Senatore Cappelli Organic

Spaghetti al Farro Integrale Organic