Beverage Accessories

Functionality, design and new technologies are the guidelines behind Italesse research. vigilant and continual observation of the market, understanding of professional needs and also a sharing of customer lifestyles and consumer styles mean that we are always abreast of the latest developments in entertainment. We create products in a contemporary and eclectic style so that they fit in with any environment, while intelligent functions improve job quality as well as the service offered to customers. The Italesse collection is continuing along these lines, presenting new products, new designers and new opportunities for working, communicating and decorating with success.

Ellermann company is a official horeca distributor for Hong Kong market of Italesse Professional brand and offeer wonderfully designed wine accessories for compliment any occasion from a big 5 star hotel to small fancy restaurant. Beautifully craffed items that would not look out of place in a gallery. Our feature brand Italesse is simonimous with quality, beauty and simplicity of function taking product design to a unparalleled level of Italian design and excellence. For a full catalogue please CONTACT US!