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Bagoss di Bagolino

Code: VAL-31090

Raw material:

Raw milk, semi-skimmed, obtained from Bruna Italiana cows

Shape & Texture:

The rind is dark brown because is treated with linseed oil; the paste is yellow, granitic and with little eyes


The taste is rich, intense, and aromatic, with hints of saffron and spices; the aftertaste is long with a tangy finish.


How to enjoy: Use as a table cheese or grated over pasta. Try with a robust red wine like Amarone.


The true Bagoss is only the one produced by the artisans of Bigolino from where it gets its name. The same old Bruna Alpina cows, the same grass from the pastures, and the antique experience of the dairymen has permitted this special cheese to survive up until now and become a Slow Food Presidium. Made from raw milk from cattle grazing on mountain pastures, this hard cheese must be matured for at least 12 months but on average is at least 24-36 months old. During agening, the cheese are brushed with raw linseed oil, which gives the rind an ochre brown colour.


Lombardy, Italy


Very long-matured (more than 1 year)

Mountain cheese

Slow Food Presidia


1.5 kg