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Bettelmatt – Alpeggio

Code: VAL-31042

Raw material:

Raw alpine milk from Bruna cows

Shape & Texture:

The rind is thick, light brown in colour, the paste is straw yellow with some greenish shades, and medium irregular eyes

Tasting note:

It has a strong buttery, herby aroma and tastes sweet yet salty with an earthy finish.

How to enjoy:

Used traditional as a table cheese. Its good with polenta and for filling for agnolotti pasta.


This excellent cheese has been identified with the name Bettelmatt since the 13th century, when it was used as an exchange product for various reasons: rents, payments for the use of pastures or taxes, and not only. The name Bettelmatt, it seems, comes from the word 'battel' which means police office and the use of the word 'matt' which in German means pasture: the name can be translated therefore in pastures of the police. Legend has it that the flavour of this red-rinded cheese comes from a herb known as “Mottolina”, found only in the high pastures of Val’dÓssola. Bettelmatt is made in a summer from the raw milk of Brawn Mountain cattle using similar methods to those for making Gruyere.


Piedmont, Italy


Long-matured (more than 6 months)

Mountain cheese


1.5 kg