Cheese Room

Bitto DOP Estate 2010

Code: VAL-31045

Raw material:

Raw cow’s milk probably mixed with goat’s milk

Shape & Texture:

The rind is thick and hard. The colour of the rind is dark beige. The cheese is thicker in the centre. The paste is hard, robust and its colour is traw to golden. Irregular sized eyes are across the paste


The taste is delicate, dolce, perfumed and natural. The aftertaste is round, perfumed with the flowers and fruits from the valleys and the wood from the cellars


Bitto cheese is produced with raw cow's milk with the possible addition of goat milk but up to 10%. The animals are fed with the valleys grass pasture grass. It is made exclusively with milk produced in the pastures of the Province of Sondrio and the municipalities of the Valle Brembana, these are: Averara, Carona, Cusio Foppolo, Mezzoldo, Piazzatorre, Santa Brigida and Valleve. For the Celts can be traced back to the ancient technique of processing and the name Bitto 'Bitu' which means everlasting. The production period is the summer that goes from June 1 to September 30


Lombardy, Italy


Very long-matured (more than 1 year)




1 kg/ pcs