Cheese Room

Bitto Storico Estate 2008

Code: VAL-31047

Raw material:

Raw cow’s milk probably mixed with goat’s milk

Shape & Texture:

The rind is thick and hard. The colour of the rind is dark beige. The cheese is thicker in the centre. The paste is hard, robust and its colour is straw to golden. Irregular sized eyes are across the paste

Tasting Note:

The taste is delicate, sweet, perfumed and natural. The aftertaste is round, sweet, pleasant and perfumed with the flowers and fruits from the valleys and the wood from the cellars. When young this cheese has a mild fragrant flavour, which develops into unmistakable nutty notes and caramel hints after at least six months maturation.


Historically this cheese is produced in the heart of the Bitto zone and more precisely in the valleys formed by: Gerola Albaredo and the province of Sondrio. The cheese is produced in the pastures of this valley, at an altitude ranging from 1400 to 2000 meters. During the three months in the feeding in the valleys, the cows are led through a journey in stages, ranging from the lower stations to the highest ones. Along the way, the traditional ancient stone buildings that were used to protect the area serve as cottage-cheese-making places. In those places the cheese is produced entirely by hand. The salting of the cheese is dry, so it forms a delicate crust, a guarantee of a better aging. In the production of the cheese any supplements in the feeding of animals as far as additives, preservatives or yeast is prohibited


Lombardy, Italy


Very long-matured (more than 1 year)

Mountain cheese

Slow Food Presidia




1kg approx