Cheese Room

Blue Goat Cheese Organic

Raw material:

Made from organic milk from Saanen goats reared in the own farm, and with the eventual addition of milk from the province of Belluno.

Shape & Texture:

The product is white with blue speckles. Absolutely soft and creamy.

Tasting Note:

The taste is sweet, with pleasant lactic sensations, of toasted and mould.


The Capreria is a farm located in the province of Vicenza. In addition to milk processing 'The Capreria' directly produces most of the food necessary to feed the 200 goats raised. The animals' diet excludes the use of corn silage, and has as the main food the pasture hay supplemented by grazing in meadows.


Veneto, Italy


Half-matured (1-6 months)



600 g circa