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Bourbon del Monte Terre di Siena DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ref.: OILELL28  Packaging: 0.500 Lt glass bottle

The Tuscany is a perfect balance of nature and art, the beauty of the land and climate. It was here that an excellent extra virgin olive oil, the result of a centuries-old tradition. The variety of the olive trees and the technique of cultivation, harvesting of the olives at the right stage of ripeness and their meticulous workmanship, combine to create an incomparable product, recognizable flavor, which brings with it all the nuances of this land.

Region: Tuscany.
Production area: on the slopes of Monte Amiata and in the rolling hills of the Val d’Orcia.
Altitude: 400/600 meter above sea level.
Kind of olives: correggiolo, leccino, pendolino, frantoio.
Harvesting or collecting sistem: by hand.
Manufacturing: crushing with millstones, cold extraction process.
Harvesting period: November.

Physical and organoleptic characteristics to the origin
Aspect: veiled.
Density: medium fluidity.
Colour: green with golden tints.
Odour: fruity of olive.
Taste: persistent, it reminds of artichoke flavour. It reveals a well balanced spicy and bitterish trace.

Bourbon del Monte Terre di Siena is PDO product