Cheese Room

Caprino Trentino

Code: VAL-31144

Raw material:

Goat's milk

Shape & Texture:

The shape is round and the crust is thin. The color of the crust is reddish to brown. The colour of the paste is white, and the paste is smooth with very few small eyes scattered across


(For a fresh cheese) The taste is sweet, round, fresh with hints of the goat’s aroma. The aftertaste is full, sweet with hints of grass and soil. For the matured one it develops a nutty and more distinctive goaty aroma and taste.

How to enjoy:

Its perfect as a table cheese and delicious grated over pasta dishes. Team it with glass of Merlot di Torre Rosazza.


Thanks to the devotion of the Cavalese dairy, about 10 years ago they renewed the antique tradition of goat cheese. The Goats cheeses have characterized the cheese making culture in the area of Val di Fiemme for centuries. The Cavalese dairy is also part of a project, called The Street of the Dolomite Cheese


Trentino Alto Adige, Italy


Half-matured (1-6 months)


2 kg