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Castel Formaggio Medievale

Code: VAL-30650

Raw material:

Raw cow's milk, collected on the Alpine foothills of Treviso and Belluno area. The milk is left to acidulate for 24 hours in an ambient temperature before the processing

Shape & Texture:

The shape is round and the rind is thin and wrinkle. The color of the rind is orangey. The paste is straw-ivory and crumbly. Sometimes a blue vein across the paste gives a natural color to the paste


The taste is long, round with hints of fruits and crust of bread. The aftertaste is long, buttery with hints of blue and stone


The Castel belongs to the family of the Formaggio Medievale, a fimily consisting of two more cheeses, the Castellino and the Caciotta Castellina. It is a free interpretation of how cheese was made in the middle ages


Veneto, Italy


Half-matured (1-6 months)


About 2 kg