Fresh Vegetable

Chioggia Chicory

Ref: CHI-03

Italian name: Radicchio di Chioggia

Weight order: 3 kg

Description: This deep red, round vegetable from Chioggia resembles a small head of cabbage. Growing from orange to grapefruit size and easy-to-peel, the smooth, crisp leaves offer a bittersweet flavor. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium, radicchio provides a source of fiber. 

Season: all year round

Serving suggestion: Cooking radicchio brings out the vegetable's natural sweetness but it can also be served fresh. Grill radicchio halves and combine with cooked white beans and balsamic vinaigrette. Use whole radicchio leaves as a cup or wrap, and fill with chicken salad or pasta salad. Grill radiccho halves, chop and toss with sliced pear and manchego cheese for a side salad.