Cheese Room

Formaggio di Fossa

Code: VAL-31011

Raw material:

Pasteurized ewe's milk

Shape & Texture:

This is a handcrafted cheese that comes in irregular wheels, nearly deformed. The paste and rind become undistinguishable and covered in various green, yellow and white moulds. The paste is crumbly, few eyes, and the color varies from white to straw and even sometimes to

Tasting Notes:

The taste is long, distinctive, particular of a cheese that gives strong hints of wood, cellar and soil to the palate. The aftertaste is long, mushroomy with hints of truffles and forest. A cheese with a complicate and unique taste

How to enjoy:

Grate over regional pasta such as passatelli or tortelloni. Impressive when served with Cagnina di Romagna or with Albana Passito.


It is pitted in August and it is traditionally ready for the feast of Saint Catherine on the 25th November every year


Emilia Romagna, Italy


Long-matured (more than 6 months)




Between 800 g and 1,2 kg