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Marzolino Il Fiorino

Code: VAL-31330

Raw material:

Produced only with pasteurized sheep’s milk from the Maremma area

Shape & Texture:

The shape is triangular pyramid while the rind is thin and smooth. Its colour is straw. The paste is compact with no eyes. Its colour is white

Tasting Note:

The taste is sweet, round, creamy, full-bodied with hints of pleasant acid. The aftertaste is long, sweet and creamy with hints of grass


Since the sixteenth century this cheese has been the most valuable and famous of the Tuscan cheeses, known in other regions as well. This cheese was a part of the commissions of royal houses in many areas in Italy and it was considered as a precious gift. Once it was produced only in the month of March, therefore the name Marzolino.


Tuscany, Italy


Fresh (less than 30 days)


1 kg approx