Oil & Vinegar

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Marina Cvetic

Size: 0.5 Lt

Variety: Leccino
Area of origin: Olive trees growing in Chieti province.
Harvest: Hand picking and transportation in boxes to the farm oil mill where the olives are pressed immediately.
Colour: Intense golden yellow with green hues and light green reflections.
Bouquet: Fruity of a light intensity, full-bodied yet delicate with subtle herbaceous and vegetable sensations.
Flavour: Harmonious and fine but also slightly bitter with just an extra hint of spiciness. It leaves an excellent finish of aromatic herbs.
Serving suggestions: Recommended for dressing fish-based dishes such as seafood salads, hors d’oeuvres and boiled fish, vegetable-based first dishes, vegetable soups and white grilled meat.