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Pecorino di Farindola

Code: VAL-31440

Raw material:

This cheese is made with raw sheep's milk coming from the breed of the Pagliarola Appenninica sheep in the Apennines Mountains. This sheep is grown in the wild pastures in the eastern part of the Gran Sasso

Shape & Texture:

The rind is hard with the pattern of the basket (canestro) the cheese is made in. The colour of the rind is yellow to reddish yellow. The paste is compact, flakey and its colour is straw-yellow. Depending on the maturity stage the colour of the paste can be more or less


The taste is full-bodied, balanced and complex, dominated with rich aromas of earth, fungus and mold. The aftertaste is long and depending on the maturity, could be spicy as well. The particularities on the taste of this cheese are caused by the way the cheese is produced and also by the rennet that is used


Abruzzo, Italy


Long-matured (more than 6 months)

Slow Food Presidia


2,5 kg