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Pecorino di Pienza al Pepe Nero

Code: VAL-31516

Raw material:

Pasteurized sheep’s milk obtained from the sheep's farmed by the same dairy in Val d'Orcia.

Shape & Texture:

The rind is thin and consistent. The color of the rind is white to off white. The paste is white, off white or straw depending on the maturity of the cheese. Some small holes and black peppercorns are spread across the paste

Tasting Note:

The taste is strong, with the aromas of the sheep's milk and spicy due to the black peppercorns. The aftertaste is full, long and spicy


The story of Caseificio Cugusi begins in 1962, when Cugusi Raffaele and Maria moved from Sardinia to Tuscany, bringing with them the ancient techniques of cheese-making. The fresh milk is processed into cheese, keeping a family production. Currently the management of the dairy is entrusted to their daughters, Giovanna and Silvana and their husbands, but the rest of the family, other 7 brothers, contributes in various ways: with agriculture, farming and farm management. The dairy is located on the beautiful hills between the Renaissance town of Pienza and Montepulciano, an area of 190 hectares with olive groves, vineyards and pastures. These pastures, famous for the quality of their herbs give to the cheeses of the Cugusi family the unmistakable flavour and quality.


Tuscany, Italy


Half-matured (1-6 months)


1,3 kg