Cheese Room

Provolone del Monaco DOP

Code: VAL-25220

Raw material:

Raw cow's milk

Shape & Texture:

It is a Caciocavallo with no head. The rind is smooth and hard and its color is grey to brown. The paste is compact, creamy and some elastic. The color of the paste is white. Few cracks might exist throughout the paste


The aromatic herbs of the Lattari mountain pastures, such as thyme, oregano and marjoram give the milk and cheese a delicious flavour.

How to enjoy:

Simply serve with olive oil and fresh aromatic herbs, such as wild fennel, parsley and basil. Pair with a robust red wine or sweet Marsala.


The name is coming from the similarity of the sacks in which the cheese was transferred by the traders at the beginning of the century to carry this cheese in different cities. Sacks that they resembled the hats worn by the monks


Campania, Italy


Long-matured (more than 6 months)


3 kg