Fresh Vegetable


Ref: SPH-02

Italian name: Raperonzoli

Weight order: 100 g each bundle

Description: The genus Latin name (“campanula”), meaning small bell, refers to the bell-shape of the flower, while the specific name (“rapunculus”) is a diminutive of the Latin “rapa” (turnip) and means 'little turnip', which refers to the shape of the root. The fruit is a dehiscent capsule in the form of inverted cone with many seeds. The thick root looks like a small turnip and it is edible. This species prefers limestone soils and grows in dry meadows, cultivated beds, forests of oaks and pine trees, along roadsides and lane, at an altitude of 0–1,500 metres (0–4,921 ft) above sea level.

Serving suggestion: It was used in Middle Age and Renaissance as a vegetable for its roots. The leaves are used for salads, and its roots can be boiled or grated and eaten raw.