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Ricotta di Capra Organic

Code: VAL-30308

Raw material:

Organic goat milk ricotta, produced with goats biological milk from the Belluno area.

Shape & Texture:

The cheese has no rind. The colour of the cheese is white.

Tasting Notes:

The taste is aromatic, delicate, creamy and milky. The aftertaste is milky, sweet, and with hints of the aromas coming from the goat’s milk.


Emanuela e Carlo manage the Latteria Perenzin dairy, founded 4 generations ago. Emanuela is the great granddaughter of Domenico Perenzin the founder with his children, (one of whom Valentino Angelo was Emanuela's grandfather) of the first dairy at the beginning of the 1900's in Tarzo, a few kilometres from the site built in 1958 and renovated in 1997.


Veneto, Italy


Very fresh (few days)



250 g