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Strachitunt Erborinato

Code: VAL-31105

Raw material:

Full cream pasteurized cow's milk

Shape & Texture:

The rind is thick and hard. The colour of the rind is yellow-orangey. The paste is robust and its colour is white with shades of yellow. The paste has spots of greens that round the taste of the cheese. The eyes in the paste are small and scattered all over the paste


Unlike most Italian blues, it has a dense, compact texture, very fine, erratic blueing and a dry, wrinkled crusty rind. The taste is sweet with a hint of spiced mushrooms

How to enjoy:

For an authentic flavour try this with gnocchi and polenta. Match it with an austere red, such as the velvety Valtellina Superiore or a sweet, late-harvest white wine.


The name of this cheese in local dialect of Bergamo means Round stracchino to distinguish it from the Square stracchino, like the similar Taleggio cheese. This is a cheese that bridges the taste of taleggio and Gorgonzola and in the middle Ages was produced mainly in the mountains with Bruna Alpina cow's milk


Lombardy, Italy


Half-matured (1-6 months)


2 kg approx