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Ubriaco matured in red wine

Code: VAL-30780

Raw material:

Pasteurized full cream milk

Shape & Texture:

The colour of the rind is burgundy red, due to the refinement in red wine. The colour of the paste is ivory to light straw. The paste is compact with medium sized eyes scattered


The taste is sweet, creamy, milky and winey, especially near the rind. The aftertaste is long, creamy with strong hints of wine and raisins

How to enjoy:

Superb when served with a baked potato or when partnered with polenta and mushrooms. Try with an aromatic wine.


The Formaggio Ubriaco cheese has its roots in the farming tradition of the Veneto region. It has taken its name from the fact that the local dairymen used grape dregs to wet the rind thus giving to the cheese the winey taste and aroma. Another story dates back to the First World War. At that time the farmers of the area tried to protect their cheeses from the enemy by hiding their cheeses in the wine must. Trying the cheese later they realized how good the cheese was and how well it kept


Veneto, Italy


Long-matured (more than 6 months)


 2 kg approx