Cascina Belvedere



In the Farmhouse Belvedere the family Peak is handed down of generation in generation the experience and the love for the earth, producing the good Italian rice and the best risottis for the whole family.  Farmhouse Belvedere follows all the passages of the production of the rice, from the field to the table. In this way we bring in every house taste andgenuinenessOur firm is one of a very few following the entire process of production, starting it from the seeding in the fields and completing it with the packing of a rich variety of rice products. Our state-of-the-art tools and machineries are a guarantee of quality from the agricultural phase to the industrial one and offer the privilege of obtaining a product directly from the farm.


Arborio Rice

Vialone Nano Rice

Carnaroli Rice

Rosso Selvaggio (Red Wild) Rice

Nerone Rice (Black Rice)

Organic Carnaroli Rice

Organic Italian Red Wild Rice

Organic Italian Black Rice