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Bottarga di Muggine 200/300g

Ref: BOT-02

Weight: 200/300g Vacuum Pack

Dried Mullet Roe

Known as “Sardinian caviar” this delicacy consists of grey mullet roe salted and dried with natural ventilation. Its flavor is delicate and characteristic and was already well known and appreciated in ancient times.

INGREDIENTS: Grey mullet roe, salt.
Vacuum packed without colorings or preservatives.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Slice thinly and dress with extra-virgin olive oil, or serve with a few sprigs of rocket and sliced artichokes. Grated and sprinkled over a piping hot dish of bite-hard spaghetti, dressed with extra-virgin olive oil, flamed in the pan with a clove of garlic.

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place.