Agririva - Agraria Riva del Garda

Italico Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ref.: GAR-004
Packaging: 5 Lt Tins

Selected and marketed by Agririva Frantoio Riva del Garda, this oil offers the quality and health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, with a quality/price ratio that makes it suitable for everyday use. Made 100% from Italian Olives!

Colour: from green to yellow.
Aroma: medium-light fruity with grassy notes.
Flavour: balanced, with slight bitter and spicy notes.
Internal Panel Test Evaluation: meets standards.
Each batch of oil used to make this product strictly conforms to the limits established by Frantoio di Riva
Free acidity: never exceeds 0.40% (limit established for extra virgin olive oil is 0.80%).
Peroxide value: never exceeds 10 Meq 02/Kg (limit established for extra virgin
olive oil is 20 Meq 02/Kg).
Total polyphenols: minimum of 150 mg/kg.
Ideal with all dishes that have a delicate flavour.