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Opera Olei Mono Cultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil selection

Ref.: GAR-PT49

Packaging: 6 pcs of 100 ml glass bottle in a single material casket

The special reserves of Opera Olei arise from the best selection of every manufacturer. Green olives give fragrance and elegance to monocultivar. The harvest is done manually, branch after branch and fruit after fruit, to give the product proven and unique complexity and healing properties. The production facilities are modern, because today, the oil quality needs technology and innovation.

Thanks to the organoleptic and taste differences of each oil, the range of flavors and fragrances on the national territory are highlighted. Into the box it’s available a booklet suggesting 36 parings.

“6 Extra Vigin Olive oils from different cultivars, all from green olives.”

Opera Olei is the first example of a Consortium gathering a few selected producers of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. Oils are obtained from six different Cultivars coming from as many Regions and produced by six great “Performers”. Opera Olei is the Italian Excellence by 6 young producers, who decided to extract oil from Green Olives, harvesting in advance compared to past, traditional patterns. Opera Olei is a perfect synthesis enhancing the territory, the cultivar and the producer: Casaliva by Agraria di Riva del Garda, Frantoio by Franci, Moraiolo by Viola, Itrana by Quattrociocchi, Ottobratica by Olearia San Giorgio and Tonda Iblea by Frantoi Cutrera. Opera Olei is the pride of the healthy part of Italy in the world and the result obtained is the best expression of an extra virgin olive oil linked to particular territories


Tonda Iblea is a dual-purpose cultivar as it is used to produce both oil and table olives. Its oil has a moderately intense fruity flavour, with exuberant hints of tomato leaf, artichoke, newly-cut grass and aromatic herbs. The overall taste is supported by bitter and pungent well-structured hints. It is ideal with fish and grilled meat. It is perfect for tomato sauce.


Frantoio, the most widespread cultivar in Central Italy, is also the symbol of Italian olive growing in the world. Maturation is quite early and the oils obtained are characterized by elegance and balance, which are expressed to the nose with mid-palate fruity hints and evidence of artichoke leaf. In the mouth, the front palate is characterized by a bitter and pungent taste, followed by slightly herbaceous sensations and a back palate of fresh almonds. Ideal with minced raw meat and minced raw tuna fish.


Itrana, also known as the olive from Gaeta, is a dual-purpose cultivar as it can be used to produce both extra-virgin olive oil and table olives. The oil from Itrana is elegant to the nose for its delicate scents of herbs, tomato leaf and fresh almond, and to the taste for its pleasantly pungent and bitter hints. It is perfect with fish dishes and grilled vegetables.


Casaliva is the most important autochthonous cultivar in the three regions overlooking Lake Garda. The oil we obtain has a light medium fruity scent, with elegant aromas of herbs and almonds. In the mouth, it has a slightly bitter and stronger pungent vein, combined with extensive green hints in perfect harmony with what is smelled by the nose. An oil that enhances fish dishes with tasty side dishes, carpaccio, rocket or chicory salads and cooked vegetables.It is indispensable on vegetarian lasagna or strangolapreti (Trentino style spinach dumplings).


Ottobratica is a widespread cultivar in this extraordinary plain, where my family has been living for centuries. Olives are small, elongated, black when fully ripe in the month of October, hence their name. This oil has a delicate fruity taste, with hints of fresh grass and thistle. To the taste, bitter and pungent hints are moderate and balanced with a sweet almond sensation on the back palate. In the kitchen, it enhances steamed shellfish, boiled fish and grilled white meat. It is perfect for mayonnaise. In the kitchen, it enhances steamed shellfish, boiled fish and grilled white meat.

Moraiolo - AZ.AGR. VIOLA

Intense fruity olive scent. Dense green colour with warm golden-yellow glints. The complex and powerful nose is crammed with extensive vegetal notes of artichoke, thistle and strong balsamic hints of mint, sage and basil. The taste is definite and rotund, with clear vegetal notes of field vegetables and sweet almond. Bitter and spicy are clear and well-dosed. The passion for Moraiolo is my family’s tradition. Small olive groves that perfectly adapt to the stony and steep soils. It enhances legume soups and field vegetable salads. It is excellent with grilled red meat.