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Taleggio DOP

Code: VAL-20951

Raw material:

Full cream cow's milk

Shape & Texture:

The shape of the cheese is square. The rind is thin and its colour is orange. The colour of the rind is due to the washing process of the cheese, a wash with water and salt that takes place many times during its life. The paste is elastic and its colour is white. No eyes


The taste is strong, sweet, nutty and aromatic. The aftertaste is long, full to the palate with hints of acidity and earth.

How to enjoy:

An excellent table cheese or it can be eaten in a various recipes because it melts so readily. Typically served in the end of the meal with apples, pears, figs or in pastas, risottos, soups, omelettes and salads as well as some types of pizza and crepes. Best with the local wine from Franciacorta, a sturdy red from Cabernet, Barbera or the outstanding bottle-fermented sparkling wines that quality as Franciacorta DOCG.


Taleggio is an old cheese produced in this area since the 10th century. The area of its origin is Val Taleggio, in the province of Bergamo, from where it gets its name. Historically, the people from this valley had the need to preserve the leftovers of their milk production. Then they started producing a cheese that used to be aged in natural caves or in mountain huts and could be either exchanged with other products or sold in the markets. With the growth in Taleggio consumption, the production has spread to the Padana plains where many dairies, small to medium in size, have managed to achieve a synergy between the productive technology and the traditional and old methods


Lombardy, Italy


Half-matured (1-6 months)




2 kg approx