Sarda Affumicati

Tonno Rosso

Ref: TUN-03

Weight: 360g tin (red color)

One of the basic conditions guaranteeing the excellent quality of this product is the fact that only tuna caught in the Mediterranean is used, either northern bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) or red tuna caught in trap nets.  Only the top-quality cuts are selected for our careful processing: the tuna is steam cooked, placed in large containers and just like vintage wine, left to mature for at least six months. It is then placed in smaller tins, dressed with olive oil and left to mature for a further six months.
Our production is based on three select cuts: Ventresca, Tarantello and Tonno di corsa.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Straight from the tin or on a bed of fresh salad vegetables, or with the addition of thinly sliced onions and beans.

INGREDIENTS: Tuna fish (Thunnus thynnus), refined and virgin olive oil, salt.

STORAGE: Store at room temperature.