Agririva - Agraria Riva del Garda

Uliva Garda Trentino DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ref.: GAR-16  Packaging: 250 ml glass bottle

Ref.: GAR-036  Packaging: 100 ml glass bottle

Garda Trentino DOP (PDO)
This oil conveys our region’s full potential, thanks to the use of only Casaliva variety olives, which are hand-harvested at an early stage of maturity and immediately crushed, and a careful selection process at the olive mill, which identifies our partners’ finest fruits.
First produced in the 2008-2009 season, Uliva has become our flagship Garda Trentino DOP oil. The jewel in our crown is a modern oil based on a new concept – the robustness and intensity of the green fruitiness is somewhat discordant with the regional character, although the oil’s harmony and balance make it readily  identifiable. Each production stage is meticulously managed, both in the orchard and the mill, to preserve the oil’s integrity, cleanness and freshness as long as possible.
Colour: emerald green with golden rim and good clarity.
Aroma: medium fruity with distinct grassy notes and an aromatic range that reveals fragrances of green apple, radish, chicory and artichoke layered with notes of almond and pine nut.
Flavour: dense yet harmonious, with pleasantly bitter and decidedly spicy notes; it has a rich finish with hints of black pepper and an elegant mineral note.
Acidity: Maximum total acidity, expressed as oleic acid, is significantly below the 0.5% stipulated in the production standards.
Peroxide value:significantly below the 14 Meq O2/kg stipulated in theproduction standards.
Robust yet delicate, this oil can be paired with classic dishes like lake fish, but goes even better with heartier dishes such as local salted meat and thinly sliced raw meat, as well as more complex dishes made with sea fish.
Location: shore of Lake Garda in Trentino.
Soil type: Lake Garda morainic amphitheatre, very shallow, somewhat calcareous soil.
Altitude a.s.l.:150 – 350 m.
Olive variety:almost exclusively Casaliva.
Harvesting method:picked by hand.
Extraction method:cold extracted using a water-saving, continuous three-phase system.
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The New York International Olive Oil Competition
Japan Olive Oil Price JOOP
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Armonia International Olive OilCompetition
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Il Magnifico -Extra virgin Olive Oil Awards -Firenze

Agririva is PDO Protected Designation of Origin