Costa del Riparo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ref.: VIOLA6  Packaging: 750 ml glass bottle

A great feeling arises when you wander through the olive trees of this hill, among sun-kissed plants grown where stone is predominant. An unspoiled environment where sound fruits come up and grow to produce Costa del Riparo extra virgin olive oil. Its unique flavour evokes a tasty sensation and it is an ideal ingredient for a healthy diet.

Brand name: extra virgin olive oil “COSTA DEL RIPARO”
Production area: S.Eraclio Foligno (PG) ITALIA
Orchard layout: promiscuous and specialized
Average altitude: 300 to 450 meters above sea level
Soil: mainly stony.
Average age of olive trees: recently planted and age-old trees
Care: hand pruning, soil treatment and organic fertilizing
Olives varieties: moraiolo, frantoio
Harvest time: October - November
Harvesting technique: handpicking, handcombing
Pressing: continuous processing machine
Storage: close the bottle after use and keep it in a cool place, away from heat or light sources

Appearance: limpid after filtering
Density: average fluidity
Colour: green with a slight golden tinge
Aroma: elegant and complex with rich scent of artichoke and herbs
Flavour: aste is elegant and definite, rich in herbaceous notes, with hints of thistle, artichoke and herbs

Ideal with raw vegetable starters and bean salad; perfect on yellow squash soup with seared squid or to dress lake fish and fresh mushroom dishes; an healthy ingredient for fruit pies, apple strudel and chocolate cookies. It pairs very well with medium mature cheese.

Viola is Certified Italian Organic Product