Sincero Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ref.: VIOLA4  Packaging: 500 ml glass bottle

Il Sincero is an extra virgin olive oil produced from one cultivar, Moraiolo, a major varietal in the area. Small-sized old plants cultivated following traditional methods on stony hillsides at 400 metres above sea level. The roundish fruit is harvested by hand in October at the start of the ripening process and produces an extra virgin olive oil with a unique intense flavour.

Brand name: extra virgin olive oil selection “IL SINCERO”
Production area: S.Eraclio Foligno (Pg) ITALIA
Orchard layout: promiscuous and specialized
Average altitude: 300 to 450 meters above sea level
Soil: stony
Average age of olive trees: age-old trees
Care: hand pruning, soil treatment
Olives varieties: moraiolo.
Harvest time: October - November
Harvesting technique: handpicking, handcombing
Pressing: continuous processing machine
Storage: close the bottle after use and keep it in a cool place, away from heat or light sources

Appearance: limpid after filtering
Density: average fluidity
Colour: green with a slight golden tinge
Aroma: ull-bodied and definite, perfumed with herba-ceous notes of thistle and balsamic scent of mint, basil and rosemary
Flavour: definite, mouth-filling taste, with hints of thistle, black pepdefinite, mouth-filling taste, with hints of thi-stle, black pepper and almond on the finish

Its definite and intense flavour pairs remarkably well with bean soup and chickpea cream with toasted bread; excellent on larded pork fillet and wild salad. Perfect with roasted game, jugged hare and roast pigeon breast with sweet pepper sauce. It is an ideal accompaniment to medium mature cheese and orange or tangerine sorbets.