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Parma Ham PDO - Prosciutto di Parma DOP with bone

Ref: LV-141
Weight: 8.5 kg
Shape: with bone
Maturation: from 13 to 16 months
EU Quality Scheme: PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)


Traditionally linked to the area of Parma since the 3rd century B.C., the time when the first salting and drying techniques were experimented on pork legs. It is characterized by a particularly mild and delicate taste. The prosciuttos bearing the Parma mark are matured in the Levoni plant in Lesignano de’ Bagni, near Langhirano, and comply with the strict standards of the production regulation. Pork legs come exclusively from heavy pigs weighing at least 160 kg, bred in northern and central Italy. Levoni Prosciutto di Parma PDO is characterised by a particularly mild and delicate taste and is boneless so is ready to slice.

PDO - Protected Designiation of Origin product Certified by Consortium of Prosciutto di Parma