La Bella San Marzano



Founded over forty years ago, our operations are specialized in the processing and preservation of the most selected varieties of tomatoes. We are based in Scafati (SA), an area known in the south of Italy for its great vocation in tomato cultivation. The active presence and direct production areas combined with a great knowledge of the market, enables our company to source the highest product quality standards.

We use 100% Italian tomatoes for our production, which come mainly from the southern Italy area often referred as “Il Meridione”. This part of Italy is commonly known for the favourable climate conditions and fertility of its elds. In order to preserve the freshness and taste, our modern factory efficiently transforms the freshly harvested tomatoes into a wide variety of derivatives such as: Peeled Tomatoes, Chopped Tomatoes, Tomato Purée, and Ready Made Sauces which are available in dfferent sized packaging, in addition to a wide range of cooked vegetables. Demands from catering companies, buying groups both Italian and foreign retail chains, are meet with extreme exibility so as to accommodate their needs in terms of packaging, marketing and promotional policies.

We always follow the entire production chain first hand,from sowing to harvesting, handling everything according to the most recognized global standards, such as using only certified suppliers and quality management systems according to UNI EN ISO 22000, BRC. This allows us to offer to consumer a product that is safe and healthy.


Italian Peeled Tomatoes 400g

Italian Peeled Tomatoes 800g

Italian Peeled Tomatoes 2500g

White Cannellini Beans 400gr

Small tomatoes hillock 380g

Mashed tomatoes 680gr

Napolitan Tomato Sauce 680gr