Pedon Group is an European well-established family company for dried legumes and grains end-processing, packing and distribution. The group is structured in two divisions, one for retail and the other one specialized in cultivation, harvesting and trading of agriculture commodities to the agri-food industries. Pedon is today present in all sales channels either with own-brand products either as private labels in the grocery chains with more than 100 ranges and about 3,000 items. Thanks to the sister company ACOS, the group has a direct control of the supply chain worldwide by means of a global suppliers network in 10 Countries from 5 continents. We assures the highest quality standard of our products with a natural taste and easy to prepare. All the production stages are carried under the control of the Quality Dept. in order to guarantee quality, safety and and an excellent-tasting products that contribute towards a nutritionally balanced diet.

Bulgur Wheat

Lentils Puy Style

Pop Corn

Quinoa White

Flax Seed Whole

Pumpkin Seeds

Dried Porcini Mushrooms