Molini Pivetti


In 1895 Valente Pivetti decided to build a steam mill for milling flour just a few kilometres from Cento. This was the starting point for Molini Pivetti company. Handing its passion for flour down from one generation to the next. Today it is headed by Alberto, great-grandson of the founder Valente, together with his wife Marisa and children Paola, Gianluca and Silvia: like those before them, they are also contributing towards ensuring the company is increasingly at the cutting edge and that it is innovating in the sphere of Italian flours. 

Flour 00 Pasta Fresca 25 kg

Flour Semola Durum Wheat 5 kg

Flour Semola Durum Wheat 25 kg

Flour 0 Manitoba 1 Kg

Flour 0 Manitoba 25 Kg

Mimosa Passione Pizza Flour 25 kg