Sarda Affumicati



From Sardinia’s most beautiful and least inhabited Italian coastal area, Sarda Affumicati brings you a selection of smoked and cured fish products made according to local fishermen’s traditions, using the most intensely aromatic mediterranean herbs. Sarda Affumicati produce and market Mullet Bottarga, a quintessential Sardinian food product, made from dried and cured mullet eggs. Along with Mullet Bottarga came Tuna Bottarga, another typical Sardinian delicacy.

Whole Octopus

Octopus Sausage

Ventresca di Tonno Rosso

Tarantello di Tonno Rosso

Tonno Rosso

Filetti di Tonno

Bottarga di Muggine 140/170g

Bottarga di Muggine 200/300g

Grinded Bottarga di Muggine

Bottarga di Tonno Yellow Fin

Bottarga di Tonno Rosso