Señorío de Olivenza



The Señorío de Olivenza have more than 120 years and four generations of professionals dedicated to Iberian pork and its products. They have one of most modern facilities with over 8,000 square meters between boning rooms, salting, drying and slicing rooms. The company is quality certified by the IFS (International Food Standard). They follow a modern facilities for a traditional way of working. The quality products is what really matters to Señorío de Olivenza and for them they rely on three aspects: select free Iberian pig in the meadow, no additives salting, healing in natural drying. Señorío de Olivenza products are developed as we said from a careful selection of Iberian pigs and slow curing, quiet, to give life to a dish with a texture, flavor and unique aroma.


Iberico de Bellota with Bone

Iberico de Bellota Boneless

Iberico Lomo Bellota Tenderloin

Iberico Chorizo Bellota

Iberico Ham Cebo