Principe Pallavicini



The Principe Pallavicini winery was established by one of Italy’s oldest noble families. With over 300 years of viticultural experience, the family focuses on the development of the winemaking business in order to produce wines of impeccable quality in the magical, inimitable Lazio terroir. Principe Pallavicini represents the largest, private estate in Frascati.  Of the 208 acres of vineyards at their Colonna (Pasolina and Marmorelle) and Cerveteri holdings, 133 acres are dedicated to the cultivation of white varietals for the production of Frascati DOCG.  In-depth knowledge of the land has led to identifying the best vineyards, and after careful study and experimentation conducted in the field and in the cellar, these vineyards are producing increasingly more refined and enjoyable wines with their own outstanding personality.

Frascati DOC - Superiore

La Giara IGT Lazio

Poggio Verde DOC

Le Marmorelle IGT Rosso Lazio

Rubillo Cesanese IGT Lazio

Syrah IGT Lazio

Amarasco Cesanese IGT Lazio

Moroello IGT Lazio

Casa Romana IGT Lazio

Stillato IGT Lazio

Map of region


Lazio reagion is a famous tourist spot and centered round Rome. The proximity of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west plays an important role as the cool sea breezes temper the drier and warmer temperatures on the coast, whilst the mountainous area is subject to various macroclimates;despite being protected by the Apennines from the cold winds coming from the northeast. Nourishment for the grapes is provided by the lava and tufa soils that are rich in potassium. This type of soil is particularly suited to white grapes as it ensures a good balance of acidity.